Who the f%#$k is Frank De Blase



I'm Frank DeBlase a photographer and writer that splits my time between shooting pin-ups, live music, hot rods, and tattoos with various vintage 35 mm and state-of-the art digital equipment.

I guess it was just a matter of time before I started photographing beautiful women. Hell, I've been a fan my whole life. I came of age in the mid-1970s where most of my questions were answered in a bug-eyed inducing flash of flesh from a gaggle of vintage girlie magazines I shanghai'd from the local barbershop; hence my penchant for classic pin-up cuties with generous proportions.

I spent the first 20 of my adult years on the road playing rock 'n' roll in gin-mills, juke joints, and palaces around the world. When I take pictures of musicians on stage amidst the sweat and swagger, I know the kick from both sides of the lens. These pictures are to be seen and heard. Many of the models I work with are tattooed. So are a lot of musicians. I've got over 50 myself. I've always been attracted to tattoo culture's rebellion and expression and always make sure it's paramount in my work.



And then there are the hot rods, kustoms, and straight-up classic Detroit darlings; a marriage of all afore mentioned genres. They metaphorically and literally have shapes and curves to rival femininity, their colors and kustom modification are as personal as any tattoo. And that throaty glass pack roar? Well that's just beautiful music.

It's been a soul-searching, soul-searing journey so far; just trying to figure out what to call what I do. There really is no subtext, no raison d'etre. I take pictures of what I do and what I like. Period. It's all got soul, it's all a bit greasy, it all bleeds cool. And there's voodoo that beats within. But whatever it is or isn't, it sure is fun to look at. Dig…